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Become a part of the world's first decentralized data supply chain using nothing but your laptop.

Kamu CLI

Quick Start

Copy and run the following in your terminal to download and install kamu-cli:

Works on Linux, macOS, and Windows+WSL2. See installation instructions for details and troubleshooting.

curl -s "" | sh COPY

Video introduction

See key features and concepts behind our new data exchange technology through real data science projects.

Check out our coference meetup talks for in-depth topics:

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We develop all technology and tooling in the open and welcome contributors of any skill and background. You can support us by starring our repos - every little bit helps!

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Open Protocol

Our data formats and protocols are developed along with an open community-governed specification. We take interoperability very seriously and encourage alternative implementations!


Coming Soon:

Kamu Platform

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A window into decentralized network of data supply chains.

First non-custodial data platform that:

  • Never holds your data hostage
  • Supports real-time data and processing
  • Enables collaboration on the scale of Open Source Software

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