World's first decentralized data warehouse, on your laptop

Become a data publisher in minutes:

  • At absolute minimal cost
  • Without needing to move your data
  • Follow best publishing practices without worrying what they are

Join millions of people who collaborate on data:

  • Build multi-stage pipelines that extract insight
  • Collaborate on data just like on Open Source Software
  • Create supply chains that work autonomously, with minimal maintenance
  • Resolve any doubts about trustworthiness of data in minutes

Get instant access to clean and actionable data from all sectors of the economy:

  • Build real-time dashboards
  • Create research that can be easily reproduced and verified by others
  • Train AI/ML models without spending months on data preparation
  • Use data for autoutomation and Smart Contracts

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We shape a better future of data management

New data is processed continuously in real-time
Your data science projects are fully reproducible
Collaborating on data is as easy as on software
Every bit of information can be traced to its origin

Data is our history - it deserves a better treatment!


Complete Historical Account

Most data solutions nowadays store only the current state of data. They allow updating and deleting data, effectively erasing the history of changes.

In Kamu we believe that data is our history, so we designed the entire system to never forget:

  • All data is immutabile and serves as a complete historical record of events
  • You can rewind time on any dataset with per-event granularity
  • You can use temporal data joins to correlate data over time

Living Data

Aggregates are great for making sense of large volumes of data, but all aggregated data becomes stale right after it's put together.

In Kamu aggregates are produced not by copying data, but via pure functional transformations:

  • We encourage data to be published in a raw unaggregated form
  • All updates to raw data are instantly reflected in all aggregates
  • An aggregate created once continues to receive updates from its source

Lineage & Provenance

Modern data science promotes a harmful cycle of downloading, modifying, and re-publishing the data. Data becomes disassociated from its origin, it is impossible to know where it came from, and which transformations were applied - such data cannot be trusted.

Kamu keeps a complete record of all data transformations:

  • Tell exactly which datasets were used as a base to produce certain aggregated data
  • See which transformations were applied
  • Trace any piece of data, down to a single cell, back to its origins

Quality Data

The current reality is that organizations that produce valuable data often don't have the right incentives, resources, or skills to provide high quality data. This results in data exposed with sub-optimal frequency, in a variety of poor formats, on a poor infrastructure.

Kamu on the contrary:

  • Uses the de-facto standard analytical data formats
  • Supports variety of data types, including geospatial data
  • Stops malformed data from propagating at the earliest possible stage
  • If bad data finds its way in - collaborate with others to make it better
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