Kamu at Compute Over Data Summit


I had a great opportunity to present at the Compute Over Data Summit organized by Protocol Labs in Lisbon on November 2-3.

In my talk titled “Structured Data in Web3 - Rethinking databases” I covered:

  • Major trends in OLTP and OLAP that already build towards what we would consider Web3 properties of data
  • How Web3 data community can reuse many of the momentum already happening in modern data lakes
  • Advocated for the need of standardization of how we represent structured data in Web3
  • And presented Open Data Fabric as a potential solution to composable processing of structured data

You can find the recording here:

My personal highlight of the summit was when Peter Wang from Anaconda was asked “if you could wave a magic wand - what system you’d want to exist in the world - it can be ANYTHING” … and he went on to describe something that sounds exactly like Kamu:

  • Global registry of datasets
  • Data and code combined in one system
  • Verifiability and provenance of all derived data

I’d also recommend checking out Juan Benet’s talk on future of COD and the full of energy demo of Bacalhau from David Aronchick.

Big thanks to Protocol Labs for organizing the event and to everyone who attended!

It was especially great to meet some of our Discord members in person.

Till next time!