Kamu Bounty @ ETHLisbon Hackathon

November 3, 2023

Planning to hack at ETH Lisbon Hackathon on November 3-5?

If so, make sure to check out the special bounty from Kamu!

About Kamu #︎

Kamu is the world’s first decentralized data lake and a collaborative stream processing network. It brings reproducibility and verifiability to off-chain data by overlaying smart contract-like properties on top of the SQL engines like Apache Spark, Flink, and DataFusion. Its analytical data format is great for storing large volumes of dynamic data in any storage, including IPFS, while allowing extremely fast querying.

Bounty - $1,000 for Best use of Kamu #︎

This is a very open-ended challenge that rewards the most innovative use of Kamu, including but not limited to:

  • Creative analytical data pipelines and visualization
  • Integrations with other tools and protocols
  • Use of Kamu datasets from smart contracts (e.g. data DAOs)

Resources to get started #︎

We will be available on hackathon’s Discord to answer questions and provide support.

Also please check out the bounty from our friends at Phala Network.

Happy hacking!